John Alexander Dowie

John Alexander Dowie was a pastor of a church in Sydney, Australia when the bubonic plague struck around 1875. He buried forty members of his church in less then one month and four more people from his congregation died and were yet to be buried. Many others became sick with this awful plague, in which there was no cure. “After visiting the many sick members of his flock one day, Dr. Dowie returned home and sat in his study, his arms folded upon his desk, his head upon his arms, weeping before God.


Corona Virus 19

talked about what is coming, more than ten years. The people in our church are ready for this. Therefore, nothing of what is happening now is a surprise to me. Every god of America has fallen – sports have fallen, Hollywood has fallen, television shows canceled. Even the god of some mega churches fell, these churches are empty today. I have warned for years that churches will disappear in one night.


Named from on High

One night at Church I got wiped out by the glory and the Father spoke to me and said “I have called you Matthew”.  I was laying there thinking, what the heck?  That’s not what I had been getting called for the past 20+ years. The next day I drove an hour to my parents home. As we were standing in the kitchen I asked “before you guys adopted me, did I have a different name?” The both looked at each other and I said “was it Matthew?”


Dutch Sheets response to the Todd Bentley Saga

As you may have heard, there is currently a major shaking in the American church related to accusations of immorality by evangelist Todd Bentley. Mr. Bentley was involved in a similar situation in 2008. There is also controversy swirling around the process of restoration for Bentley, conducted by Rick Joyner and others. My name, along with quotes of mine, are also being circulated. Because of this last fact, I want to make a brief statement.

Matthew Ford Ministries

Testimony of Credit Card carrying Angel.

There was 4 of us out for a drive one day and I felt the Lord was wanting to bless us with a great meal. We had been doing meetings and travelling for a few months and had some down time.

The restaurant I felt to go to was $100 per person.  I knew we had under a dollar between the four of us. I asked my mates if they had heard about where we were to go and eat. Instantly my mate confirmed the restaurant. Part of me was super excited, the other part was wonder how we would pay $400 for food with no money.


Scared of the Presence of God

It’s difficult to imagine a Christian being scared of the Presence of God.  Scared to the point of running out the building and shaking like they have seen, well, the devil himself.
During a recent Healing Event we had a visitor in a wheelchair. Unlike some Church models we do not consider people “targets” or “go hunting” for a sick person.  We treat everyone with the dignity and honour they deserve. People are not their disease or injury, they are a Child of God.