Throw that Prophetic Word out & get a better one.

The spirit of a Prophet is subject to that prophet.  If anyone claiming to be a prophet is “busting at the seams” to release an “urgent word” during a meeting, there is a 100% chance that they are NOT a Prophet.  God is never caught off guard or surprised by anything that happens in the world.  He gives plenty of warning and is never in a rush. God lives inside and outside of Eternity


I have called you by Name. Adopted… Not Abandoned, but Chosen.

In 1998 I began to feel a strong pull towards prayer, which as a Baptist was unusual, we only prayed to make our food safe to eat and so that we didn’t die in our sleep.

I began driving to the river daily about 4am to pray as I started work about 6am.  It was only a few months later that I was introduced to Holy Ghost. He was in no Gentlemanly mood… He threw me across the room and got me drunk, totally hammered for three days.


Sand in My Bed – 3rd Heaven Encounters

I’d only been introduced to Holy Ghost for about a week when I had an amazing encounter at home.  I’d finished Bible College at 4pm and went home to chill.  As I lay on my bed I was completely covered in the “tingles”, the Anointing, and was taken into an encounter. Not like an open eye vision, but was actually inside of this encounter.

I saw myself as a toddler playing on the beach in Sydney. I had on a blue shorts, a white singlet top and a white hat.  I was playing in the sand and having a great time.

I “came to” after about an hour. I felt amazing and peaceful.  I was about to make some dinner when I noticed beach sand on my bed.  I lived in the City of Perth, on the 7th floor and it just happened to be unit 7 as well, for those that like to play the Bible lotto.