You have the Gift of God (Holy Spirit)

We, the Church, need your Gift. I’m going to try and teach on how to “Move/Minister in the Anointing”. It’s different for all Ministers, but over the years I have seen similarities with those who move in awesome dimensions of the Anointing. I will try and teach this as best I can… some things are caught/imparted. One of my mentors, Dr Harfouche, was Ordained by Dr Sumrall. My Pastor had been trained by Rodney Howard-Browne and Dr Sasha Alexander. Over 20 years I have learnt to flow in all these different impartations, I will do my best to try and pass on what I have learned.


The Communion Table and The Elements:

I almost invert and try to crawl inside myself when a host church is doing communion before I speak. Playing the heavy guilt and sin cards before 10am is never good. I just about dropped my bagel when I saw the Pastor instruct a couple of people to “Sit down and get right with God lest He strike you down”.
The Lord’s Table does the cleaning. 1 cup of Wine + 1 piece of Bread = What sin?
You are so Holy that Holy Spirit actually likes living inside of you 🙂 . He’s not stuck in a sinner and looking for a way out via the next gastro intestinal bug. As you Commune with Heaven, Heaven communes with you and you are forever being made aware of your effortless Salvation.
Grab a hold of that Wine and Loaf and enjoy your Freedom in Christ.

Rev. Doctor Matthew Ford

Joy and Drunkenness in the Holy Ghost.

I am working on an in depth teaching on JOY and Holy Ghost DRUNKENNESS. The two topics I get asked about the most often.

Sadly many Believers are convinced that in order to “be Holy as I am Holy” is to be downcast, bruised and crushed to the point of being so broken that God can’t even use you.
Our beautiful cousins the Catholics had some wild Mystics but also went through a phase where taking a vow of poverty was considered “holy”.  Scriptures were used to validate their beliefs.  Let’s face it, you can make scripture say just about anything if you take it out of context and cut and paste the bits to suit your theology.  

Miracle Healing Explosion with Matt Ford

Blast Your Past Miracle Healing Explosion

Matt & Mandy break down the lies that we are taught, or just simply the ones that we believe about ourselves.  When the Spirit of Truth (Jesus) brings a revelation to us concerning our True Heavenly Identity, we find ourselves catapulted into that freedom from sin.  When Mr Grace reveals, and His light manifests through His Word, we have no option but to BE MADE FREE! How can we live in sin any longer? Be encouraged in your faith with this series and start living daily in the Anointing.