octor Matthew Ford is a modern day apostle and prophet. Working miracles with signs and tokens of revival following his ministry. Doctor Ford has invested over 22 years in training a generation of supernatural believers through the living Word and the activity of the ever present Holy Spirit. Doctor Ford has been gifted with an anointed healing ministry. Miracles just happen when he preaches and deliverance takes place, bringing healing and health to those that need it.  He is lovingly referred to as Dr Whack due to the wild anointing he carries which releases people into the New Wine of Heaven and brings with it a tangible demonstration of Holy Ghost intoxication.  Doctors ministry is marked by Joy and freedom at every meeting, God loving on and blessing His Children.

He is an Aussie and travels the world with the glorious news of our Salvation and perfect union with Christ. He is a speaker, author, and teacher, and father to hundreds of believers. As a team, Doctor Matthew & Pastor Amanda are igniting the hearts of hungry Saints and blazed a trail of faith across Australia and the globe. Their sincerity, genuine love and fervent commitment to the global body of believers has inspired multitudes to respond to the call of God.

Dr Ford is the host of MattFord.TV, our own 24/7 Christian Broadcasting Centre. In 2009 Dr Ford planted The Wine Barrel Family Church in Redcliffe, Australia. With members and family all over the world, The Wine Barrel Family Church is an incredible place to call home. We are passionate preachers of Christ’s Finished Work, lovers of His Glory and no matter where you are on your own journey we will be with you every step of the way.

Doctor Ford has an incredible gift of Discernment in all it’s aspects and operations. Enabling him to see someone’s need and instantly ministering to them in that area.  Doctor Ford is passionate about seeing Pastor’s and leaders restored and healed, enabling them to love the Sheep whole heartedly, ultimately bringing their congregation into that same freedom. Healing the wounded and down trodden and lifting them up into their Heavenly identity.