Dr Matthew Ford Matthew Ford Ministries.

Pastor’s Amanda and Matthew Ford

Amanda was raised as an Anglican, attending Sunday School, singing in the church choir and serving on the altar but it wasn’t until she encountered the Holy Spirit personally through the laying on of hands did her life radically turn towards God. As the Holy Spirit drew her and she totally surrendered her life to God she was baptised by full immersion and then later received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and Fire 🔥 and was never the same again!

Amanda has been delivered and set free from tormenting spirits through the renewal of her mind and has a passion for deliverance ministry.

Amanda instantly stopped drinking, smoking and swearing as the desire left her! She was a brand new creation 🙂 Signs and wonders follow her ministry and she regularly hears word of knowledge concerning those seeking the Father! Amanda believes in encouraging everyone in their faith no matter where they are at!

Amanda has also been healed from depression resulting from childhood trauma, various sexual assaults and abusive relationships. God has totally removed any pain associated with these incidents and she can talk freely and openly as a testimony to the power of God in her life.

Amanda is Matthew’s wife and together they serve God with their children. Amanda is primarily an evangelist who also serves as a chaplain in prison, ministering to women. It is the desire of our ministry to co-labour with the Holy Spirit to see your life turned around also, as God puts you too right side up, all for His Glory!

We would love to pray for you and welcome you to partner with us in spreading the gospel around the globe and thank you in advance for your prayers, love and financial support towards us! We appreciate you x