How can a Minister live in sin and still be "anointed"? I often get asked how a minister can live in sin and still operate in the anointing at the same time. Here is a short teaching on what is going on in the Spirit and how they "seem" to be getting away with a life of sin.
After giving a Pastor a Word of Knowledge about him having bowel cancer, he chose to ignore the word simply due to the messenger. You see, 12 "big name" prophets had been to his church over the past year and none of them mentioned/saw it. Instead they gave him glowing words of a coming revival. Which now he won't be apart of. Don't ignore the message just because of it's packaging. Listen to your inner witness, the Spirit of Almighty God. - Dr Matthew Ford
Being in Ministry is demanding and many burnout way too soon. Some make poor choices and others just can't seem to stay free. Here Matt has a little chat about Grace and freedom from all temptation. Grace... the Ultimate sin destroyer. What to do when a Minister "falls".