Miracle Healing Explosion with Matt Ford

Blast Your Past Miracle Healing Explosion

Matt & Mandy break down the lies that we are taught, or just simply the ones that we believe about ourselves.  When the Spirit of Truth (Jesus) brings a revelation to us concerning our True Heavenly Identity, we find ourselves catapulted into that freedom from sin.  When Mr Grace reveals, and His light manifests through His Word, we have no option but to BE MADE FREE! How can we live in sin any longer? Be encouraged in your faith with this series and start living daily in the Anointing.

Dr Matthew Ford. www.mattford.com.au @DrMatthewFord

Paralysis Healed, Stroke healed

Well, this grumpy Pastors brother had suffered a stroke and was paralysed down one side of body. I was hammered and jumping on chairs and yanked this guys arm and kapow! He slides onto the floor and laughs for ages. His mates look worried. They now had to tell Pastor Grumpy about the miracle. [button link=”https://www.mattford.org/gentleman-healed-of-one-sided-paralysis-2009/” color=”blue”] Watch the video[/button]

Free From Religion – Unlearning Charismatic Craziness

This is going to be a fun, interactive, teaching encounter. Here’s just a few of the topic we will touch on:
+ Am I the next “Joyce Meyer” or “Benny Hinn”?
+ Do I really have “Elijah’s mantle”?
+ Why don’t my angels mow my lawns and find my keys?
+ Why do we sing in tongues quietly for 8 seconds as the next worship song starts?
+ Why does that strange person have a “prophetic word” every week?
+ Am I more important if I change my name to a “Jewish” name, like Peter or Esther?
+ and many, many more examples that Matt has been asked over the years. Join the live webcast and interact with Matt and Mandy via FaceBook Live. Ask your questions now by clicking here. or sending a message on Twitter or FaceBook @DrMatthewFord

Wine Barrel Family Church

The Law Kills but the Spirit Gives LIFE!

The Law Kills but the Spirit Gives LIFE! Preach by Pastor Amanda Ford. November 5 2017. [su_button url="https://www.mattford.org/video/Doc/Mandy/Nov5" target="self" style="default" background="#2D89EF" color="#FFFFFF" size="3" wide="no" center="no" radius="auto" icon="" icon_color="#FFFFFF" text_shadow="none" desc="" onclick="" rel="" title="" id="" class=""]Watch Now![/su_button]