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Testimony of Credit Card carrying Angel.

There was 4 of us out for a drive one day and I felt the Lord was wanting to bless us with a great meal. We had been doing meetings and travelling for a few months and had some down time.

The restaurant I felt to go to was $100 per person.  I knew we had under a dollar between the four of us. I asked my mates if they had heard about where we were to go and eat. Instantly my mate confirmed the restaurant. Part of me was super excited, the other part was wonder how we would pay $400 for food with no money.

The Day I told Cancer to F*$# O##

I was due to be touring overseas for many weeks. Early on into my tour I got a Skype saying a friend had cancer and was not well at all.

In the anointing you get to make split second decisions. I was still away for weeks but said to come over as soon as I get home. I was going to finish my tour then finish this cancer when I got home.

My friend was rather “anti-church” and had suffered terribly under the Charismatic Religious system. Year of demon hunting and looking for booger men behind every bush.

I’d been home a few minutes, hadn’t showered and was in desperate need of good Aussie coffee and some Aussie Lamb chops, when my friend was bought over.

Dr Matthew Ford. @DrMatthewFord

Paralysis Healed, Stroke healed

Well, this grumpy Pastors brother had suffered a stroke and was paralysed down one side of body. I was hammered and jumping on chairs and yanked this guys arm and kapow! He slides onto the floor and laughs for ages. His mates look worried. They now had to tell Pastor Grumpy about the miracle. [button link=”” color=”blue”] Watch the video[/button]

Free From Religion – Unlearning Charismatic Craziness

This is going to be a fun, interactive, teaching encounter. Here’s just a few of the topic we will touch on:
+ Am I the next “Joyce Meyer” or “Benny Hinn”?
+ Do I really have “Elijah’s mantle”?
+ Why don’t my angels mow my lawns and find my keys?
+ Why do we sing in tongues quietly for 8 seconds as the next worship song starts?
+ Why does that strange person have a “prophetic word” every week?
+ Am I more important if I change my name to a “Jewish” name, like Peter or Esther?
+ and many, many more examples that Matt has been asked over the years. Join the live webcast and interact with Matt and Mandy via FaceBook Live. Ask your questions now by clicking here. or sending a message on Twitter or FaceBook @DrMatthewFord