Scared of the Presence of God

It’s difficult to imagine a Christian being scared of the Presence of God.  Scared to the point of running out the building and shaking like they have seen, well, the devil himself.
During a recent Healing Event we had a visitor in a wheelchair. Unlike some Church models we do not consider people “targets” or “go hunting” for a sick person.  We treat everyone with the dignity and honour they deserve. People are not their disease or injury, they are a Child of God.

Revival’s Flavour! This Revival Tastes Funny!

A Revival will carry the personality and flavour of the lead Minister.
If the minister operates in miracles, then miracles will be the flavour. If the minister is a serious grumpy bum, then the grumpy cat anointing will manifest and people will be repenting for stuff they haven’t even done. If the minister is a teacher, then get ready to be taught all about being Holy.
Holiness is awesome, but He is a Person, a precious Gift who lives inside of us, not an outward performance based on fear or expectation.
What the World needs now is a full blown ROTFLMBO Revival.  One that will blast away the cobwebs of dead religious works and fear based church programming.  
Where it is “come as you are”… without an agenda, but just the great Commission… Go into the World and love the hell out of it.

Rev. Doctor Matthew Ford

The Church is getting Her LoL and ROTFLMBO Back!

Trials and Temptations: James 1:2-3 Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, 3 because you know that the TESTING OF YOUR FAITH produces perseverance.

Stuff happens in life and some of it truly sucks. God has deposited His very own Faith inside of us. We have the Spirit of Faith. When life slugs something at us don’t see it as “God testing your faith” to see if you pass or fail, He’s not a jerk.. Rather see it as “God’s has already (pre-installed) given us His Faith” for everything life throws at us.

“I pray that God, the source of hope, will FILL YOU COMPLETELY with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit” Romans 15:13.

Rev. Doctor Matthew Ford

Genital Restoration

In 1999 I had one of the most vivid and unusual visions ever. I had no grid for it back then, today however, it makes perfect sense.I saw a large fireball and people were walking into it two by two holding hands. Male & Female, Male & Male, Female & Female.  I saw “genitals” being put back on people who had removed them. Back 20 years ago I had no idea about gender reassignment or anything associated with that.I saw people walking into the Holy Fire of a Loving God and walking out the other side completely restored.

Miracle Healing Explosion with Matt Ford

Blast Your Past Miracle Healing Explosion

Matt & Mandy break down the lies that we are taught, or just simply the ones that we believe about ourselves.  When the Spirit of Truth (Jesus) brings a revelation to us concerning our True Heavenly Identity, we find ourselves catapulted into that freedom from sin.  When Mr Grace reveals, and His light manifests through His Word, we have no option but to BE MADE FREE! How can we live in sin any longer? Be encouraged in your faith with this series and start living daily in the Anointing.